Titeuf (Tootuff) Mega Party: Meets Donald Reignoux, the voice of Titeuf (Tootuff) !

With Titeuf (Tootuff) Mega Party, remastering of Titeuf (Tootuff) : Mega Compet (2004), by Balio Studio, the most famous blonde wick of the recess is back on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Obviously always accompanied by his gang of friends in wacky challenges, Titeuf (Tootuff) is inseparable from the actor who offered him his voice: Donald Reignoux. Passionate about videogames, he tells us more about his relationship with the character created by Zep.

Among countless other roles over the years, Donald Reignoux had the chance and the talent to be the French voice of Spider-Man. Easy to pick as favorite character when you embody such a myth, but it’s the little schoolboy who seems to have a lead in the eyes of Donald: « Titeuf (Tootuff) is a character that I play for almost twenty years and I have a real affection for him after all these years. I can’t imagine not playing him anymore. I have the same affection for Spiderman but Titeuf (Tootuff) is really something apart. A bit like the dubbing team of the Simpson, it’s part of the daily life and childhood of many grown children. It’s a chance, I’m very happy and I hope Titeuf (Tootuff) will go a long way. ».

From cartoon boards to comics, Titeuf (Tootuff)has come a long way and it’s through a casting that the little caracter with his head-egg has found his voice. A coveted role and a major challenge for the actor who must give his personality into this character whose voice has already been differently imagined in the minds of each of his readers. Donald had himself from the start a very precise idea of ​​the voice of his Titeuf (Tootuff): « I started the recording of Titeuf (Tootuff) in 2001, and I thought that it was not going to be obvious to have the role … There were a lot of people for the casting, but a voice came to my mind and I wanted to propose that, because for me, it was the good solution. It was the only way for me to bring Titeuf (Tootuff) to life. It was with this voice a bit peculiar but in the end it goes well. I know that at first the voice disturbed many people. But in the end, I think that today it is inseparable from the character, for my greatest pleasure. ».

When it comes to doing stupid things, Titeuf (Tootuff) and his friends never lack imagination as evidenced by the forty mini-games, playable up to four, in Titeuf (Tootuff) Mega Party. Imagination, a quality also necessary for the comedian to have fun during the dubbing of cartoon, the best conditions to be good : « To be Titeuf (Tootuff), it is especially necessary to have a lot of imagination to go with the fun that gives the cartoon. It is a funny character but that requires a lot of imagination to truly give him the fun he deserves. It’s not simple but it is true that the cartoons are a real recreation for me and that I am very comfortable in the exercise. I hope to participate to more cartoons in the future. The advantage of the cartoon is that there is no limit and we do pretty much what we want as long as it matches the image and we don’t change the product . I think the basis is to have fun, but to do it seriously. ».

If in Titeuf (Tootuff)  Mega Party, we can play with Titeuf (Tootuff)  and up to ten other characters including Nadia, Manu or Hugo, what would happen if the one who makes Titeuf (Tootuff)  talk when he is on a TV screen could meet him for real? : « If I could see Titeuf (Tootuff), it would be like in Inception! It would make me laugh a lot to show him the change of voice between the beginning and today and ask him what he thinks about it. On the other hand, you really should coach him to help him out with Nadia … because he is not very talented, we must admit. But I do not despair, maybe we’ll put him on Tinder one day! “.

Titeuf (Tootuff) Mega Party is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, since 21st of November 2019.

Team Microids