Titeuf Mega Party – Achievements and Trophies

Titeuf and his friends will soon make their return on console, from November 21st in Titeuf Mega Party. Discover the achievements and trophies of the game.

Visual Name Description
Vacation is here! Complete “Back to School” 60
It’s freezing cold Complete “Snow Class” 60
Dance battle Change the music of the breakdancer 60
Golden goal Get the soccer ball outside the school 60
Ma’am, I don’t feel well Ring for a nurse 60
Hit! Hit the teacher with a paper ball in “Pop Quiz” 60
Pigeon chase Chase after the pigeons near Grandpa 60
Cloned fir trees Kick all the Christmas trees 60
This isn’t for idiots Play and win in “Duels of Death” mode 90
Class clown Unlock all the pranks in “Back to School” 90
Go thaw out Unlock all the pranks in “Snow Class” 90
Faster than its shadow Win “The Duel” 3 – 0 60
Cloning is defeated Complete “The School Year” 190
Team Microids