The indie game Fallback joins publishing label Microids Indie with a new edition: Fallback Uprising

Now available on Steam, the update brings numerous new features and content

Paris, October 15, 2020 – Microids is delighted to announce that Fallback from Endroad studio just joined its publishing label Microids Indie. Additionally, a new version of the game called Fallback Uprising is available today on Steam and can be downloaded for free by owners of the original version.

We’re thrilled to have Fallback Uprising joining the Microids Indie family,” said Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids. “With this partnership, the Microids Indie team will share their whole expertise and knowledge with Endroad in order to give Fallback Uprising the visibility and success it deserves.”

Florian Le Gouriellec, Producer and co-founder of Endroad, added “We are glad to be working with Microids Indie, and proud to be part of the development of Microids in the field of independent games!”.

Following players’ excellent feedback – with an average of 87% positive reviews on Steam – Endroad’s developers wanted to add new content to this adventure. Fallback Uprising includes various new features including:

  • A complete overhaul of the 6 classes in the game, each having its own set of skills
  • A brand-new level to explore – the Abandoned Sector – in which players will have to face their greatest fears as well as fierce enemies
  • An extended lifespan, with about 25 hours worth of gameplay
  • The Core Levels – Each level will feature a harder alternate version (with a gloomier atmosphere, tougher and more aggressive enemies…). This version will be accessible from the base level through a hidden teleporter.
  • New achievements to unlock – Players will be able to unlock, for instance, “The Destroyer” achievement by destroying 10 enemies, “Untouchable” by dodging 100 attacks, or even “The Savior” by freeing 100 prisoners. The full trophy list is available here.

With its powerful and unique visual identity – an art direction featuring detailed environments in a realistic sci-fi setting – Fallback gets players to play as a rebel trying to reach the surface of the Earth to save humanity.  Thanks to its 2.5D view fitting perfectly with its gameplay, it’s even possible to access secret rooms, alternate paths as well as numerous mysterious locations! Search, explore and don’t miss any nook and cranny if you wish to get out of the underground safe and sound!

The game features subtitles in: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

About Fallback

After a terrifying cataclysmic event, humanity retreated to the safety of an enormous underground bunker. The last survivors exiled themselves in a massive city called “Eden”. But a group of rebels is now determined to escape this underground world and bring life back to the surface, abandoned for generations.

In this epic rogue-like, players take control of the rebellion to face dreadful and fierce custodians! Aggressive robots of all kinds as well as guardians without an ounce of humanity: your journey will be full of obstacles. The mysterious Vesta Corporation will not let you get away so easily… By collecting and combining ancient artifacts, you will be able to increase your power in the hope to reach the surface to save mankind. Or at least what’s left of it.


Fallback Uprising is the second game to join the Microids Indie label, after the Kingdom Majestic compilation. Microids Indie is a publishing label aimed at assisting indie studios and developers with the launch of their games.

Team Microids