Playtesting at microids

01. Fill in the form to register
01. Fill in the form to register
02. Receive an invitation to join a session
02. Receive an invitation to join a session
03. Come participate to the session
03. Come participate to the session
04. Enjoy and share your thoughts with us
04. Enjoy & share your thoughts with us

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I signing-up?

The process is quite simple: all you have to do is come, play our game for a bit and answer a short survey. You will also be able to meet the playtest team for a short chat about your experience if you'd like it!

2. What are the steps to participate?

Simply answer the survey and you will be added to our emailing list. By doing so, you will receive invites to partake in our playtests!

3. What happens to my data?

The information you give us by filling out the subscription form will be saved in microids’ database only to send you invites to register for our playtests. Information such as your age, favourite game, platforms and so on, will only be used to help us sending you invites to playtest that are appropriate to your profile. You can ask us to delete or modify your data anytime by writing to us at or you can click on the « unsubscribe » link in our emails. For more information you can read our protection of personal data policy here :

4. How does a playtest take place?

A playtest's core is to analyse the player's impressions and reactions while playing the game, to better understand what is unclear, what is fun, and make the game better! All you will have to do is play our game and let our team handle the rest. You will be asked to answer a short survey at the end of the session to help us better understand your impressions about the game.

Don’t hesitate to be honest with your feelings about the game and to let us know what you are thinking while you are playing.

The length of a session depends on what kind of game you will play and what we need to test. Although, it will never exceed two hours. While you play, your screen is recorded for us to be able to pinpoint interesting bits of your session afterwards. But don't worry, nor will your voice or face be recorded. Depending on what kind of game you will play, you will either play alone on your device, or share it with other players in multiplayer sessions.

5. Can I talk about the playtest after the session?

No, please don’t. The games you will playtest are often not announced yet, meaning sharing information about them publicly could be detrimental to their success. That’s why we will ask you to sign a NDA « Non-disclosure agreement » before the sessions. By signing this document, you promise to not talk or share images about the game outside of the playtests. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

6. Can I sign-up if I’m under 18? Can my children sign-up?

Of course! Since some of our games are party games or games targeting children, it is important for us to listen to what they have to say as well! Moreover, a child's worldview is often very different from an adult's, therefore it is always interesting for our team to collect their opinions.

However, if the games we are playtesting are not suitable for children, we will always ask for their parents’ permission.

7. Where and with what hardware do the playtests take place?

The tests take place in our premises with our own hardware, typically computers. You will be provided with a headset and, depending on the game, a controller or a keyboard and mouse.