Patch 02 – To be released 2024/01/29

Warning: It may occur that old saves will not be functional anymore after downloading the new Patch. We recommend starting from the beginning.


  • Performance improvements throughout all levels.
  • Fix of collision issues.
  • Harmonization of Visual Novels and cutscenes.
  • Mission progression improved thanks to additional quest explanation and hints.
  • Pause menu, loading screens and other menu screens do not interfere with each other anymore.
  • Flow Analyzer can be activated and deactivated without issues.
  • Fix of the issues related to Wood Boxes.
  • Update of Hologram Doors’ mesh.
  • Update of radioactive zone triggers and non-weapon zone triggers.
  • General Combat balancing throughout the game.
  • Fix and addition of save points.
  • Fix of some keyboard display issues (PC Version).
  • Implementation of Keyboard/Mouse rebinding possibility (PC Version).

Bug Fixes

  • Animation
    Fix of NPC (Non-Playable Character) Animation issues.
    Improvements on Conrad’s shooting and jumping animations.
    Ring Road car behavior is fixed.
    Fix of enemy NPCs interactions with doors.

  • Audio
    Addition of SFX.

  • Collisions
    Major collisions resulting into blockers are now fixed.
    Major visual collision path issues were fixed.
    Major collisions issues that could block Conrad and NPCs are fixed.
    Fix of objects missing collisions that could cause unwanted results.

  • Camera
    Major Camera bugs resulting in unwanted camera point of views during fights are fixed.

  • Controller
    Fix of Major Controller issues.
    Keyboard/Mouse rebinding is now available.

  • Design
    Menus, inventory and Mission panels have been improved.
    Improvements on Medkits, Interactive objects and gunshot interactions
    Fix of major issues linked with Doors and elevators.
    Balancing of the combat difficulty.

  • Graphics
    Missing graphic elements have been added.
    Improvements of visual cues and visual effects.
    Stutterings, clippings and other performance drops have been partially fixed.

  • Menu
    Menu options have been improved.
    Menu bugs have been partially fixed.

  • UI/UX
    Fix of mission objective issues.
    Improvements on save prompts and display.
    Fix of Holocubes text display issues.
    Fixes on text overlapping issues.
    Medikit, mission panels, flow analyzer and other interactive elements’s bugs have been fixed

  • Saves
    Blocking issues linked with saves loading have been fixed.

  • AI
    NPCs behaviors in rest and combat behaviors have been improved.

In the Next Update

The next update will correct known bugs and bring other beneficial improvements to the user experience, including:

  • Overall graphism optimization and quality.
  • New Languages available (Czech, Polish, Chinese, Japanese,..)
  • Camera Tweaks during save reload.
  • Shooting and other attacks improved design.
  • Save loads conditional issues.
  • Cinematic stutters.
  • Collisions polish.
  • Minor UI visual bugs
  • Rebinding controllers remaining issue.
  • Respawn problem.
  • Specific design improvements (Combat, Level Design, etc.).

Thanks to all our players for their support on Flashback 2!

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Team Microids