My Universe – Puppies & Kitten is now available!

Raise and cuddle your adorable puppy or kitten!

Paris, October 28th 2021 – Microids Life is pleased to announce My Universe – Puppies & Kitten is now available. Discover the game’s launch trailer!

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, your new companions are waiting for you to take them home and give them endless love. Help them grow daily with good care and proper training so they will become well behaved pets. Do not forget to give them lots of cuddles and play with them often. Each animal is unique and has its own personality and preferences so pay attention to your animal needs and they will give it back to you by becoming the most loyal of friends. You can even teach your pet tricks and train them to enter competitions and unlock rewards & new accessories.

Participate also in various activities like exploring your neighborhood to find treasures, visiting the meadow and the dog park or go to the shop to acquire new items. Engage with other pets whist walking your companion so they can make four-legged friends to play with and get advice from other owners on how to raise your puppy well.


  • 20 adorable breeds of dogs and cats among the most popular worldwide. 
  • Mini games to play and take care of your pet. 
  • Tricks to teach and educate them. 
  • Take your animal out for a walk in the park and meet other pets. 

Game information: 

  • Title: My Universe – Puppies & Kitten 
  • Genre: Simulation 
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac 
  • Release date: October 28th   
  • Developer: It Matters Games 
  • Publisher: Microids Life

This videogame is joining the already released and worldwide successful Pet Clinic – Cats & DogsCooking Star RestaurantMy BabyFashion Boutique and School Teacher. 

Team Microids