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Explore the Allies and Enemies of “Empire of the Ants”

Scheduled for release at the end of 2024 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, Empire of The Ants is a strategy game offering a unique look at the fascinating world of insects. Today, in the presence of Lucas Poinsot, Game Designer at Tower Five Studio, we offer you a first overview of the playable species!

The Battle for Survival in Empire of the Ants

Why is the Fontainebleau forest rife with conflicts between ants and other insects? Lucas Poinsot explains: “Just like Bernard Werber original word, the story begins in spring. Our ants emerge from their winter rest only to find their territory encroached upon by other insect species. The initial objective is to reclaim this lost territory.

As players progress, they will discover multiple threats within the forest. Lucas elaborates: “Many species aim to expand their territory and survive. The climate, for instance, is a universal adversary. Weather events can force a group to relocate, often into an already occupied area.

Meet Your Allies and Adversaries

Who are the key actors in these epic battles within this miniature world? Lucas introduces us to some of the allies and enemies you’ll encounter.

  • The Red Ants – This species includes our heroine, the 103,683rd! They are divided into three specializations: workers (responsible for resource gathering and attacking), soldiers (faster and stronger in battle), and gunners (similar to archers).
  • The Aphids – Treated like livestock by the ants for their sweet honeydew, they can’t defend themselves but serve as support units, healing other insects during battles.
  • The Dor Beetles – These larger insects are more resource-intensive but worth it. Their tough shells are immune to acid, making them an ideal defensive line.
Empire of the Ants - Screenshot 7

Your Enemies:

There are numerous adversaries lurking in the forest, ready to attack. Lucas highlights three examples:

  • The Termites Eternal rivals of the ants! They also consist of workers, soldiers, and acid shooters. “Each type has strengths and weaknesses relative to the others,” Lucas notes, “ensuring a balanced rock-paper-scissors dynamic.
  • The Firebugs These neutral insects won’t side with ants or termites but will defend their territory fiercely. They aren’t very strong, making them good targets for early-game resource acquisition.
  • Praying Mantises – Dubbed “titan” units due to their size and solo defensive capability. “Ants will climb a praying mantis to bite it, and it will shake them off, akin to a David vs. Goliath battle,” Lucas illustrates.

Discover More Creatures in the Final Game

This is just a glimpse of what Empire of the Ants will offer upon its release later this year! The game will feature a variety of playable creatures, allowing the community to experiment with different strategies. “Additionally, numerous non-playable insects like slugs, butterflies, and dragonflies will bring the forest to life,” Lucas Poinsot adds.

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