PATCH NOTES – FLASHBACK 2 – PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

This patchnote has been deployed on December 22nd, 2023 on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC.


  • We advise the players to start a new game once the new update is installed if previously blocked by save issues.
  • A majority of dysfunctional manual saves have been deactivated.
  • When Amy needs to follow Conrad, she has a jog animation, and the player doesn't have to stop to wait for her anymore.
  • All Holocubes can be picked up and are available in the inventory.
  • Optimization of graphic quality settings has been done.
  • The player can now observe specific UI in the HUD that indicate when they enter or leave a radioactive zone or a non-weapon zone.

Bug fixes

global topics

  • Saving and loading fixes
  • Crash fixes
  • UI/UX fixes
  • Collision fixes
  • Enemies and NPCs behavior fixes
  • Other specific bugs fixes
  1. Fix of a single out of memory crash encountered at the end of first visual novel.
  2. Mecha Assembly terminal can now be unlocked if a save in Monte Charge is loaded after assembling the Mecha.
  3. Fix of an issue where Conrad could remain stuck when using jump function next to his desk in the GBI Academy
  4. Proceeding as fast as possible through the analyzer part cannot lead to a blocker anymore.
  5. Loading a Manual save does not create multiple saves in the same location anymore.
  6. Fix of a blocker due to enemies not spawning after loading AutoSave.
  7. Fix of a blocker in the presidents' room when loading save and coming back.
  8. Fix of a specific issue where the user cannot control Conrad when loading a save.
  9. Fix of a blocker encountered as the Alpha Radiant is unable to walk down the stairs after Conrad is killed and use the Resume functionality.
  10. No more blocker due to invincible enemy if loading an autosave.
  11. Fix of a blocker when loading a Manual save if it was made before delivering the package to Atlantica.
  12. The user will not be spawned out of bounds anymore after deleting a save followed by loading the same one from Pause Menu.
  13. Fix of a crash encountered when entering Western District after finishing Energy sector.
  14. Player cannot get blocked at second DNA door when skipping previous room in New Tokyo.
  15. Fix of an issue where Conrad loses collision while dying on the jumping ledge inside the factory resulting in getting stuck under the map.
  16. Loading any save after losing collisions, leads to black screen while in gameplay.
  17. Blocker due to enemies disappearing.
  18. Fix of a crash on the Ring when traveling from Atlantica to Pacifica.
  19. Fix of a crash encountered when entering the room with the two presidents.
  20. The user will not encounter a crash anymore while suspending the title when creating a new game during loading screen.
  21. Fix of a crash while changing the language after suspending the game.
  22. Fix of a blocker appearing when player loads the autosave at the beginning of Amy Lab rescue.
  23. Fix of missing text when earning or spending credits.
  24. Fix of a blocker appearing when loading a save, with the condition that the save is made after activating the node to the elevator but not calling the elevator down. (New Washington)
  25. Holocubes are now rendered after loading any save.
  26. Fix an issue where the user may go out of bounds when jumping above some entrances.
  27. Alpha Radiant now always aim to attack the player.
  28. Fix an issue where player can leave a room, but camera stays stuck when leaving without killing all enemies.
  29. Fix an issue where the user could remain stuck when reaching the departure area in Pacifica.
  30. Player cannot jump onto zipline after dying anymore.
  31. Fix an issue where the game enters a slow mode state in Jungle chapter after opening the pause menu and inventory during loading screen to New Tokyo.
  32. Fix an issue where Conrad falls of the rooftop after the menu got opened and closed during animation.
  33. Fix a FPS drop below 30fps throughout the Jungle chapter when Conrad is continuously shooting his gun.
  34. Fix transparency levels issues present in multiple parts of the game.
  35. Fix of a dialogue displayed twice when Helen is contacted by Professor Lynch.
  36. Fix of a missing background music and ambient sound after loading a save created in the Atlantica factory.
  37. Fix of a visual issue where holocubes text gets cut off if player presses Create button while choices of dialogue are present.
  38. Fix of an issue in the Jungle that reset the Audio parameters to 0.
  39. Holocubes texts are now displayed after picking them up.
  40. No more missing pictures in visual novel in Mandragore.
  41. The Spacebar icon is not overlapped anymore when viewing Holocubes.
  42. Fix of an issue where a code snippet was displayed on the screen when deleting a save from the save menu.
  43. Fix an issue where the first cutscene - when starting a new game – does not show any image.
  44. The blur now works in the "Options" and "Inventory" menu.
  45. The "Delete" button is not usable anymore without existing saved files.
  46. In the Morph Vessel, the door of the middle floor will now open everytime after speaking with professor and killing all enemies at the lab.
  47. Fix of an issue where the application may get hard locked during Lazarus fight.

N.B. We are currently planning other updates that will bring additional bugfixes and improvements to the Flashback 2 experience.

Please, visit the Flashback 2 X/Twitter account for more information.


Team Microids