Flashback 2 : PATCH NOTES – June 2024

Patch 02 – Available 06/27/2024

This major new update for Flashback 2 delivers a smoother gameplay experience, with revamped controls, improved combat, an optimised save system and much more…

N.B.: Following the update, we recommend starting a new game to fully enjoy the gameplay improvements and avoid any potential conflict with your previous game save.

Overview of changes:

  • Gameplay improvements:

    • Possibility to lock onto enemies
    • Improved melee combat.
    • New laser aiming ability
    • Manuel reloading replaced by an overheat system
    • New button dedicated to activating the Supernova.

    Controls improvements:

    • Better control of crouch and run, easier menu navigation.
    • After a GAME OVER, the player will now return to the latest save (the previous respawn system is still an option).
    • More intense battles: difficulty adjustments and improvements to boss fights.
    • New and improved sound and visual effects.
    • Performance optimization.
    • Various bug fixes
    • New text languages available: Polish, Czech, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic.


General updates:

  • After a GAME OVER, the player is now spawned at the last savepoint instead of instantly respawning in the battle.
  • New and better located savepoints.
  • Improved aiming: New option to add a laser aim. Aim-assist sensitivity has been adjusted.
  • Controls adjustment - Key points:
    • Manual reloading replaced by an overheat system.
    • Addition of a manual enemy lock-on button
    • The supernova can now be stored and triggered with a dedicated button.
    • Sprint can be activated with a simple press of the Sprint button
    • Crouch is now activated with {[Crouch]} while Conrad is not moving.
    • The directional buttons can now be used in menus and inventory.
    • Molecular Analyzer is now automatically triggered when necessary.
  • Melee attack improvements
    • Overall difficulty balancing - Key points:
    • Fine-tuning of fight difficulty in certain parts of the game. Implementation of a 3-medkits limit. Users cannot save up infinite medkits.
    • Boss battle improvements (patterns, visual effects).
    • Cameras and HUD revamp in the final zone.
    • Significant improvements to in-game HUD and menus
    • Tutorials update: explanations of new game mechanics, better organization of existing helps, clearer guides.
    • Improvements to performance and stability.

Notable fixes in this update:

  • Fixed mini performance freezes on the Tarmac part of New Washington Returns, after descending the stairs.
  • Fixed issue where the Activation & Deactivation of the Flow Analyzer could stop working after the first use of the item.
  • Fixed issue in the Mandragore in which the player could leave the playable area and get stuck in the scenery after using the "jump" function in a corner of the hideout.
  • Jungle: Fixed an autosave that could be triggered on the zipline, causing Conrad to fall into the void each time this save was loaded
  • Fix of an issue where the Heavy Mod VFX blasted Conrad instead of the enemies.
  • Fix of an issue where Conrad could go and fight in an area out of camera range
  • The “Deliver packages” mission doesn’t restart anymore when the player reaches Atlantica after finishing it.
  • Fix of an issue where the wrong input was displayed in the Missions panel.

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Team Microids