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What smurfery is Gargamel hatching now in The Smurfs – Dreams?

As recently announced by Microids, the much-loved Smurfs are returning at the end of the year in Dreams, an epic platformer adventure for the whole family. But what lies in wait for the little blue-skinned characters? Read on to smurf out more!

Gargamel is back with a stack of tricks

Michaël Duport, Game Lead at the studio Ocellus Services, told us that this episode will reunite players with the Smurfs’ little village, as well as their old enemy… Gargamel! The wily wizard is bent on snatching our heroes to turn them into magic potion.

Together with his cat Azrael, he devises a new evil scheme: to cast a spell on the Smurfs’ sarsaparilla bushes that will send them into a slumber when they feast on the leaves. “At a banquet held by Chef Smurf, most of the village falls into a deep sleep,” revealed Michaël. “Something has to be done to stop Gargamel netting the dozing Smurfs with his dreamcatcher…”

Fortunately, Papa Smurf is one of the few villagers who did not eat the cursed leaves. Turning to his books, he discovers that he will have to dive into the dreams of the snoozing Smurfs to awaken them and save the village!

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Come to the rescue with Ordinary Smurf

There’s not a moment to lose: Papa Smurf sets up a huge pillow as a gateway for players to enter the dream world. From Smurfette to Chef Smurf, eleven iconic characters will need to be roused from their slumber in The Smurfs – Dreams.

“Most of the action will take place in the dream world, which changes depending on the character who’s dreaming,” Michaël shared with us. “Between each level, players return to the village; it will be the hub of our story and will gradually come to life as the Smurfs wake up.”

So, which character will we play as? It will be Ordinary Smurf, a plain hero who can be personalized with various outfits to be found in the levels! “Players will be able to decide if it’s a male or female character,” added Michaël.

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Set off on a fun adventure packed with surprises!

The Smurfs – Dreams promises plenty of entertainment! “It offers so much potential for us to be creative,” told us Michaël Duport from the studio Ocellus Services. “With dreams, anything is possible.” Players should be prepared for a few twists and turns in the story, as well as some gameplay features they might not expect to find in a 3D platformer.

Inspired by the comic books and the cartoon series, which dealt with dreams several times, this new episode is based on an original storyline. You don’t need to have played any other Smurfs games to enjoy this one. “So, this is the perfect opportunity to start playing,” suggested Michaël. With single-player and coop modes, this is a title for all gamers: young or old; casual or experienced.

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Don’t miss the latest Smurfs adventure with Dreams, set for release in late 2024 on PC and consoles.

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