Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh: Patch Note 1 – PC

  • Fixed a block by being unable to transition level in the Cruiser.
  • Fixed a block after loading the Maharaja's palace.
  • Fixed a possible block in after having beaten Rastapopoulos' bodyguards.
  • Fixed a block by losing hotspots when interacting with the cigars in Temple.
  • Adjusted the possible range for placing the box under the portholes in the Cruiser.
  • Fixed Puzzle in the smug ship in which all the boxes would not move.
  • Fixed Al in the Cigars factory that would not look the other way when showing the crossed eye icon.
  • Fixed the trophy "Save a friend" that was not properly activating.
  • Audio and more generally voices missing or attenuated now and then after having finished the plane sequence.

What’s next starting from November 17th?

  • Changes to the Military Instructions section to make it more understandable.
  • Highlights added to help Snowy finds the path to its objectives.
  • Fixed error with autosave in Tintin's Nightmare chase where after pressing continue where chase would not be able to be completed.
  • Fixed error with autosave when chasing the papyrus where the papyrus want seen after continuing.
  • Fixed block during temple puzzle section if user caused a rewind in between puzzles.
  • Fixed block where hotspots would disappear in the cruiser exterior.
  • Fixed error with autosave where the water particles shader would be seen on the boat instead of the water.

What’s next starting from November 24th?

  • Minor additional bug fixes.
  • General polish & improvements.


Team Microids