Microids and Bernard Werber ink an agreement to adapt his books into video games

Paris, March 29th 2022 – Microids is proud to announce the signature of a multi-book video game adaptation agreement with the renowned writer Bernard Werber. Microids and Bernard Werber already collaborated in the past on a video game adaptation of the best seller Empire of the Ants in the year 2000. Fans will be delighted to learn that the pre-production of a project based on another book from Bernard Werber has already started with  one of Microids’ studio partners.

Elliot Grassiano, COO and co-CEO of Microids comments: “After the release of Empire of the Ants, we kept touch with Bernard and it’s with great pleasure that we are working again with him today. This new partnership allows us to demonstrate once more our editorial strategy spearheaded by talented creators and authors. We are incredibly motivated to offer a truly faithful experience echoing Bernard’s work. The great adventure has just started and we can’t wait to share more..” 

Bernard Werber adds: “Today, the technology seems to have reached the milestone we were waiting for in order to deliver a unique experience to my readers and gamers alike.”

Known worldwide for its Ants trilogy, Bernard Werber published many science fiction novels including The Thanatonauts and closer to us The Pandora’s Box, Bernard Werber recently released his latest book: The Bee Prophecy. 

Stay tuned for more information! 

Team Microids