Horse Tales : Emerald Valley Ranch – Patch Notes 1.1.4


Hey everyone, Patch 1.1.4. is now available for Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch!

As always, the patch is also coming to Switch, but has to go through Nintendo’s approval process first. This usually takes up to two weeks.

Here’s what’s new:

Major Improvements

Several improvements to performance optimization and resolution scaling. What this means for players is reduced ‘blurriness’ and fewer hitches/lags when moving through the world. This will be most noticeable on Nintendo Switch, but may improve the experience on other platforms as well.

Extended Camera Settings

You now have several more options to customize your camera behavior.

Means the camera stays behind horse and rider and you have to press the camera toggle button (Middle Mouse Button or Period on PC) to move the camera freely. (This is a new, simplified mode!)

Means that you can always move the camera with your mouse. The camera toggle button then simply re-centers the camera behind you, but you can always move it again. (This is how it’s been working so far!)

Determines how the camera moves and pivots. Select “Dynamic” for the camera to behave as it has been so far, or switch to “Simple” if you’re looking for a more immediate response that is always centered on the player. You can set this separately for the movement on foot and on horseback.

Is a toggle that determines if your camera occasionally resets behind you. Disable this if you always want full control over the camera.
Try the different settings to find the experience that works best for you!

Try the different settings to find the experience that works best for you!

Fast Travel between Home Bases

You can now unlock fast travel between the Emerald Estate and your Homesteads!

You need to visit it on foot/horseback first and find a ticket that unlocks the location for fast travel.

Keep an eye out for the hot-air balloons on each of the bases. The tickets can be found nearby. Interact with the balloon to travel.

Balancing Adjustment: We’ve added more Sandcastles in the world and increased the number of peppermints you get from Esmee for a favor point.


Fixed a critical issue where the Completionist Trophy couldn’t be unlocked on Steam for some players.

Fixed a bug where all collision triggers (resource collecting, race checkpoints) would stop working.

Fixed the availability of the “Lucha Libre” tack set. The set can now be found as intended by the Chasms race near Withers’ Ridge.

Fixed the availability of the “Horse Walker” blue print: The blueprint is now a mission reward for the “Horse Expertise” side mission. If you’ve already completed this mission, the Horse Walker should be buildable as soon as you update the game to version 1.1.4.

Fixed issues with the Out of Shape, Lazy Jumper and Lazy Sprinter traits: These traits can now be trained/improved correctly and should not return once the relevant training mission has been completed.

Fixed multiple issues with fear-related Trait Missions: Traits like Fear/Uneasy in the Dark and Fear of/Uneasy with Heights no longer return once the relevant training mission has been completed.

Fixed an issue where the trophy cabinet would become empty when rebuilding the player home.

Fixed minor localization issues, such as horse parentage getting displayed the wrong way around in the horse’s history.

If you encounter further problems, please report them to as before. Remember that:

Receiving multiple reports for the same issue helps us gather valuable information and prioritize based on frequency and severity.

For any issues with your saved game (i.e. any problems that persist after exiting and re-loading the game), you can help us by sending us your save files to investigate. Your save files for the game are located in Save games can be found in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\StableGirl\Saved\SaveGames

Thank you all for your patience and all your feedback! ✨✨ Keep having fun with Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch! 🐴🐴
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