Garfield Kart Furious Racing : the online ranking !

Dear Garfield lovers,

You may already have noticed it yet, but there’s a big news on Garfield Kart Furious Racing: the online ranking!

This new multiplayer mode will grant you points regarding your online activity on the game: should you run Single races or Grand Prix, you will win points which will make you progress in the online ranking. Of course, winning makes you earn way more points 😊

Here are some screenshots of the in-game tutorial so as you guys know what you’re getting into.

For the moment it’s only on Steam, but we are working on putting it on the other platforms.

If this goes well, we will try to set up contests to make you win some bonuses and game keys.

Feel free to tell us what you think of this new functionality, we hope you will enjoy it!

How will it work ?

  • First of all, players will need to complete 10 races that will define your worldwide rank. You will then earn points by completing races
    1. 1st : 16 points
    2. 2nd : 12 points
    3. 3rd : 8 points
    4. 4th : 6 points
    5. 5th : 4 points
    6. 6th : 3 points
    7. 7th : 2 points
    8. 8th : 1 point
  • For the Grand Prix, you will earn the points for each race + points for your final position in the cup. Exemple :
    • 1st race > 6th place > +3 points
    • 2nd race > 3rd place > +8 points
    • 3rd race > 1st place > +16 points
    • 4th race > 4th place > +6 points

Final Result of the cup : 2nd place > +12 points. So in total you won : 3 + 8 + 16 + 6 + 12 = 45 points!

  • Finally, there are 12 Grades from C- to S+

Your grade indicates your performance as a driver. It’s the ratio of the total number of points you’ve accumulated and the number of races started. Do not miss these sweet position points, especially since in the event of a tie, the grade will be used to settle it.

Warning : If you start a race and quit before the end you will earn 0 point and the race will be counted!

Team Microids