Let’s get into mischief! Join Maureen, Wendy and all their friends in this new video game adventure!

It all begins when Wendy decides to throw an end-of-year party at home with her friends. Before she gets a chance to ask her parents, her unbearable little sister Maureen steals her idea and asks their parents first. Unfortunately, the parents will allow only one party!

Maureen and Wendy start a series of crazy challenges to decide which one of them will host the party. With sister against sister, there is going to be trouble!

  • Immerse yourself in a fun and delirious universe starring two sisters, who are never short of mischievous ideas!
  • Explore the Sisters’ city and complete quests and challenges in Adventure mode.
  • Have fun with your family and friends in one of the four multiplayer modes:
    • Challenges: play the mini-game of your choice with friends!
    • Tournament: try to win the tournament by being the best in each round!
    • All or Nothing: play all the mini-games one by one!
    • Around the World: take turns choosing your favorite mini-game!
  • There are 24 crazy mini-games, which come straight out of the Sisters’ imagination, such as unicorn toss, cupcake factory and extreme ping-pong.
  • Developed by: Balio Studio
  • Release date: July 6th, 2021
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Backward compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X
  • Type of game: Party Game
  • Languages :
    • Audio : English and French
    • Text : English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Number of player: 1 – 4 local



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