Benoît Sokal invites you to dive back into the crazy Kate Walker saga

After completing her assignment – getting Hans Voralberg to sign the papers to conclude the sale of the factory – Kate decides to abandon her perfect life in New York to help the old man realize his childhood dream. Kate, the eccentric Hans, and the automaton Oscar, make for a most unusual team, by together they set off on a brand-new journey. They are in search of the last, legendary mammoths of Syberia, in the heart of a forgotten world.

  • The final chapter of the captivating and original story created by Benoît Sokal.
  • An epic adventure on the edge of the world of dreams and imagination.
  • Stunning imagery, intense action and tangible emotion at every twist and turn of the game.
  • Even more unusual and intriguing characters.
  • More-frequent movie sequences integrated into the storyline.
  • Developed by: Microïds
  • Release date: 06 May, 2004
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Type of game: Adventure
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese
  • Number of players: 1







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