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Embark on an epic maritime journey in search of fame and fortune!

Ahoy, sailors! Welcome back to the legendary video game that set the seas a-shakin’: Corsairs! With Corsairs – The Battle of the Caribbean, the reboot scheduled for release in 2024 on consoles and PC, immerse yourself in an up-to-date combination of adventure, strategy and management. Get ready to sail the seas of the Caribbean for fame and fortune!” 

In the original Corsairs, released over 20 years ago, players played the role of a privateer in the service of England, France or Holland, seeking to gain fame and wealth for his country. In Corsairs – The Battle of the Caribbean, the strategy game reinvents itself in the ever-popular world of buccaneering, bringing with it a welcome touch of the modern world. The game features Campaign, Adventure and the new Skirmish mode (quick mode) against AI in solo, locally, or online with up to 4 players.

Considered one of the best ever pirate-themed strategy games, Corsairs – The Battle of the Caribbean combines tactical combat with management-oriented gameplay. The revised and updated trading mechanics encourage you to intelligently manage your fleet and defend your trading positions, with the possibility of improving your ship and accessing a treasure map system… Not to mention the reworked “”Boarding” mode, expanded with several classes of soldiers… and a Captain who can now take part in battles.

Corsairs –Battle of the Caribbean sees you navigate the stormy waters of the Caribbean, build a powerful fleet, and battle enemy ships. Explore the exotic islands of the Antilles to discover hidden treasures, recruit crew members for your ships, and struggle for the supremacy of your nation in the Caribbean as either French, Danish, Spanish, British, or Dutch.

Live the true life of a pirate on the vast, open seas of possibility in Corsairs –Battle of the Caribbean!

General information

An open world that calls for adventure: explore the waters of the Caribbean, visit bustling port cities and discover idyllic exotic islands.

Intense naval battles: build a powerful fleet with a choice of no less than 17 different ships (including 1 special ship per faction) and engage in epic maritime combat with enemy vessels. Make use of 3 different types of ammunition in naval combat, each with unique effects.

Gameplay Management added: an improved trading mechanic, inviting you to intelligently manage your fleet and cities and defend your trading positions to establish your dominance.

An enhanced progression system: earn resources by completing quests, defeating your enemies and exploring new territories to upgrade your ships and strengthen your crew.

3 types of soldiers: Tank, Gunner and Agile are now the mainstay of your crew’s fighting force.

Expanded Campaign Mode: A brand new campaign has been added, in addition to the original 4 – now revamped.


  • A contemporary game that combines management, trade, naval battles and boarding.
  • 3 game modes: Action-adventure, Management and Strategy. Skirmish mode for faster games.
  • Skirmish mode for faster games.
  • A combination of micro and macro real-time management.
  • 5 Campaigns (France, England, Denmark, Spain and Holland).

Technical info

Platforms: PS4-PS5/XONE XSX/PC/Switch
Genre: Strategy / Action-adventure / Management
Publisher: Microids
Developped by: Fishing Cactus

Release: 2024
Number of players: 1
Texts: EFIGS
Voices: FR, EN

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