F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – Achievements and Trophies

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a Metroidvania action game featuring exploration, intense combat and challenging platforming. Discover the achievements and trophies of the game.

Visual Name Description
Once Upon a Time in Torch City Acquired all other trophies.
Survival of the Fittest Increased max HP for the first time.
Power Hungry Increased max SP for the first time.
Nimble Fighter Increased max EP for the first time.
Indestructible Reached the limit for max HP.
Endless Qi Reached the limit for max SP.
Unlimited Energy Reached the limit for max EP.
Collector Classics Collected all posters.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Opened all locked chests.
Environmentalist Collected all plant seeds.
Fist Master Unlocked all Fist skills.
Drill Master Unlocked all Drill skills.
Whip Master Unlocked all Whip skills.
Power Seeker Unlocked Qi Explosion skill.
Tool Enthusiast Upgraded all devices to their maximum level.
Martial Arts Heir Completed all combo training at the training field.
Barrel Smasher Completed the barrel smashing challenge flawlessly.
Wanderer Discovered half of the secrets in Torch City.
Liberator Discovered all of the secrets in Torch City.
Anti-Gravity Kept an enemy in the air for 15 seconds straight.
Toe to Toe Made 5 parries in a row without taking damage.
Bitten by a Mutant Spider? Moved between 7 different anchor points without touching the ground.
Turing Test Failure Eliminated 3 enemies with one Exploding Puppet.
Rabbit Time Eliminated 5 enemies during one Qi Explosion.
Dimension Collapse Threw and knocked down enemies in the air 20 times altogether.
Aerial Strike Executed 2 enemies in a row without touching the ground.


Secret trophies/achievements

Visual Name Description
Outsider A veteran took up arms again.
Uprising Tested your fighting reflexes in a tough battle.
Weapon of the Legion Acquired a very deadly weapon.
Mental Trauma Confronted an unpleasant memory.
Animal Farm Made contact with the city’s underworld.
Military Secret Collected a classified document.
Part-time Plumber Solved a municipal administration problem.
Information Jigsaw Collected an important piece of information.
Shelter from the Blizzard Arrived in the desolate mountains.
Weapon of the Resistance Acquired a very flexible weapon.
Mean Streets Eliminated the threat from the shadows.
A Breath of Freedom Acquired a tool to overcome biological limits.
Unsafe to Possession Found the unstable source of power.
One Step Away Escaped from a desperate situation.
There Will Be Blood Chose to face your nemesis head-on.
For the New Dawn Torch City welcomed the new dawn.
See Me Not Faced a serious crisis of physical shape.
DO NOT ANSWER! DO NOT ANSWER! DO NOT ANSWER! Picked up a signal from another universe.
Team Microids