By installing the software contained on the medium or by downloading it, the customer commits to complying with the conditions of use stated below.


The purpose of this contract is to define the principles and conditions under which MICROIDS grants the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the software for their internal needs only.


By acquiring this medium or by downloading the software, the customer is granted a license for the software contained on this medium or downloaded. This license only provides the right to install the software once, and to use it as intended with the respective equipment.
This software delivered in its object code version can be read by the computer directly.


This license is valid for the period during which the software is legally protected, providing the software’s conditions of use are complied with.


– The customer must not reproduce, except for the backup copy, or modify the software, partially or fully, regardless of its form.
If the software is provided on a digital medium guaranteeing its preservation, the original medium serves as a backup copy in compliance with article L 122-6-1 of the intellectual property code.
– The customer must not create or distribute copies of the software, or transfer it from one computer to another, either electronically or via a network.
– The customer must not change, merge, adapt or convert the software, and must not decompile (reverse engineering), disassemble or reduce the software to a decodable form.
– The software is designed for strictly private customer use. Therefore the customer must not lend, lease, sell or grant sub-licenses for this software.
– The customer must not alter the software or create derivative work based on the software.
Generally speaking, it is strictly prohibited to use it for the benefit of a third party, whether free charge or involving payment.
These restrictions concern the software as a whole as well as its components. Therefore photos, images, clipart, sounds, texts and all other elements in the software remain the property of their creators.


ANUMAN shall engage in due diligence but is not subjected to any other such obligation It shall ensure that the software complies with the specifications described in its documentation.
The customer shall bear all responsibilities other than the compliance of the software with specifications, including those which concern:
– the suitability of the software according to the customer’s needs,
– the operation of the software.
The customer expressly acknowledges having received all information from MICROIDS required for assessing the suitability of the software and to take all necessary precautions in order to implement and operate it successfully.
In no circumstances will MICROIDS be responsible for possible direct or indirect damage, even if the possibility of such damage has been brought to its attention.
The customer will be solely responsible for using the software.


MICROIDS shall guarantee the good working order of the software, provided it is used as intended. However, MICROIDS cannot guarantee that its software will be compatible on all systems. In this regard the customer is responsible for gathering information on the product’s characteristics based on the product description detailed on the site.

In no circumstances will ANIMAN INTERACTIVE be responsible for the content and operating of shareware which it publishes and which remains the property of its authors.

MICROIDS remains responsible for hidden defects as defined in Articles 1641 and onwards of the French Civil Code, as serious, inherent, prior to sale and which may jeopardise the use of the software. However, the buyer is responsible for providing proof of these aspects.

If a defect or non-compliance of the downloaded product is established, MICROIDS shall exchange the defective or non-compliant product within three months of the date of purchase. In any case, the liability of MICROIDS shall represent a value no higher than the selling price of the product


MICROIDS offers a “technical support” service or a “hotline” for processing your problems related to our products. Our technical support is reserved for our customers, i.e. those who have made regular purchases from us or from our retailers.