Escape Game Fort Boyard – Achievements and Trophies

Beat all the trials to escape the Fort with the treasure! You will need all your endurance and dexterity to escape an old fort lost in the sea by passing all its obstacles and beating the trial.

Visual Name Description
Adventurer Complete adventure mode and collect at least 5,000 Boyards. 100
Grand Adventurer Complete adventure mode without failing a single challenge. 100
Hero of the Fort Complete heroic adventure mode and collect at least 5,000 Boyards. 200
Champion Complete all the challenges. 100
Grand Champion Complete all the challenges on hard mode. 100
Epic Victory! Collect more than 15,000 Boyards in the treasure room. 100
On the wire Complete a challenge with just one second left. 50
Hey! Alfred! Bring 50 suitcases into the elevator. 50
William Tell Throw 5 darts into the center of the target. 50
Make it count! Get 500 “perfect” scores in the laundromat. 50
Time Master Stop the timer less than one tenth of a second before the target time. 100
Team Microids