Discover Warm Snow’s Great Clans and their leaders!

Ji Xia, driven by his ambition to become the cherished emperor, is the illustrious leader of the Dragon Clan. The clan’s Family Crest, a resplendent Dragon, symbolizes their unique lineage and powers. They rely on the blood of the Dragon to maintain control over the ancient malevolent deities trapped within the Dragon Ley Line.

The Dragon Clan’s regal colors, Gold and Red, not only reflect their majestic heritage but also embody the strength and authority they wield. 

However, a harrowing twist of fate unfolded during the “Warm Snow Rebellion” in the twenty-seventh year of Long Wu. Despite the emperor’s unwavering efforts to suppress the malevolent deities, he, at an advanced age, faced insurmountable challenges that ultimately led to failure. This turning point marked a dire juncture, threatening Ji Xia’s dreams and throwing the realm into turmoil, as they grappled with the ominous repercussions of the rebellion.

Ji Xia's ultimate aspiration is to rise as the revered head of the four great clans, bearing the dual responsibilities of safeguarding the realm and guiding his clans.

History Recorder

elegance & knowledge

Sima Ying, the Crane Clan Matriarch and History Recorder, embodies the essence of her ancient lineage. The Crane family, renowned for their majestic crane emblem, has a rich tradition of impartially documenting events without actively engaging in them. Sima Ying’s attire mirrors the family crest’s elegance, adorned in shades of royal purple and shimmering gold.

Nestled upon the easternmost island, the Fate Tower assumes a pivotal role in the nation’s destiny. It serves as a celestial observatory, deciphering the celestial dance of stars and providing prophetic insights to safeguard the realm’s fortune.

Knowledge is said to be the greatest weapon of them all... Something the Crane Clan demonstrates in a magnificent manner.

Prime Minister

cunning & strenght

Lu Kunhai, the enigmatic Boar Clan Patriarch and Prime Minister, stands as a shadowy figure in the corridors of power. His family’s crest, a fierce boar, symbolizes both their strength and cunning. Cloaked in the regal hues of navy and gold, he emanates an aura of authority and opulence.

Once a thriving domain, Boar Town resided in the fertile plains along the river’s edge, governed by the influential Lu family, symbolized by the Boar crest. Among the four noble families, it was the second wealthiest enclave, rivaled only by the Imperial City itself.

Even across the empire, few foes are as formidable as the fearless Tiger Clan ! Let's hope their mighty claws won't change you

Protector General

Loyalty & Power

Qin Wu, the steadfast and unyielding Protector General of the Tiger Clan, is a formidable presence within the empire.

Adorned in the resplendent colors of black and gold, he embodies unwavering loyalty and indomitable strength. His family crest, the fierce tiger, symbolizes not only his power but also his unwavering commitment to safeguarding the empire.

Nestled between the opulent Salt Bay and the vast expanse of the East Sea, the Imperial City stands as a bastion of wealth and authority. However, the city’s once-vaunted prosperity has been marred by a catastrophic event.

Venture through the empire and confront formidable foes like the cunning Boar Clan as you strive to break the curse of the warm snow.

Machine inheritor

Resilience & Wisdom

Zhao Changgeng, an elder among the four great clans, holds the prestigious title of Tortoise Clan Patriarch and Machine Inheritor. His family emblem, an enduring tortoise, signifies both their resilience and wisdom. Draped in the hues of bronze green and somber gray, his attire exudes an air of ancient authority and mechanical mastery.

Located within a canyon’s embrace, the Zhao family established the Machine Art Institute-an institution shrouded in mystery and innovation. When the “warm snow” phenomenon first surfaced, the Tortoise clan initiated a monumental endeavor, aiming to harness the ancient machine arts to thwart this catastrophe

When an unstoppable warrior meets an immovable Clan, swords are sure to fly and clash!

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