Asterix & Obelix XXL3 – Achievements and Trophies

The indomitable Gauls will soon make their return on console, from November 21. Discover today the list of trophies of the game.

Visual Name Description
Exemplary courage Earn all the trophies /
Menhir Delivery Man Finish the game in “Easy” mode or a higher difficulty setting 20
Gaulish Warrior Finish the game in “Normal” mode or a higher difficulty setting 30
Gaulish Hero Finish the game in “Difficult” mode 80
A tailor-made menhir Recover the Crystal Menhir 20
These Romans are crazy! Defeat 500 Romans 20
Incorrigible Gaul Defeat 1,500 Romans 30
Sandman Stun 250 Romans 20
Ice dispenser Freeze 100 Romans 20
It’s hot, it burns! Warm up 100 Romans 20
Super Gaul Defeat 500 Romans under the effect of a magic potion 30
Pro Bowler Lancer un Romain et toucher 10 adversaires 80
Swing Send 6 Romans flying with a single uppercut 30
Seeing stars Throw 100 Romans 80
The art of subtlety Stun 250 enemies with Romans falling back to the ground 20
Handball pro Throw one Roman back and forth 5 times with another player 30
Things are starting to get serious Do a 50-hit combo 20
Untouchable Do a 100-hit combo 30
Combat Master Do a 200-hit combo 80
Get a load of this barrel Defeat 10 Romans with a barrel of powder 30
Don’t miss! Make a Roman hit a target 20
Miser Possess 5,000 helmets 30
A fine collection Collect 10,000 helmets 20
It’s gonna be rough… Buy a character upgrade /
By Toutatis! Buy all the character upgrades 30
Gaulish excellence Complete all the camps with a gold medal 90

Secret trophies/achievements

Visual Name Description
The grass is greener on the Gauls’ side! Finish Chapter 1 – Gaul 20
Break the ice Finish Chapter 2 – Thule 20
A spare Tyre Finish Chapter 3 – Tyre 20
A discreet odyssey Finish Chapter 4 – Crete 20
It wasn’t built in a day Finish Chapter 5 – Rome 20
The heroes’ return Finish Chapter 6 – Save the village 20
Don’t miss! Make a Roman hit a target 20
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