Asterix & Obelix XXL Romastered – Achievements and Trophies

For once, the famous little village didn’t resist the invader…

All the villagers have been kidnapped and are now kept prisoners all around the world by the Romans! Launch the rescue mission with Asterix, Obelix and the faithful Dogmatix and visit Normandy, Greece, Helvetia and Egypt with the necessary stop by Rome.

To free Getafix, Panacea, Cacofonix and all their friends, you’ll have to fight every enemy along the way: Romans, Pirates and even the Vikings!

Visual Name Description
The village’s best warrior! You’ve earned all the trophies! /
A healthy stroll Complete the entire game in “Easy” mode or at a higher level of difficulty 20
An epic adventure Complete the entire game in “Normal” mode or at a higher difficulty level 30
A heroic odyssey Complete the entire game in “Difficult” mode or at a higher difficulty level 80
Toutatis’ right hand Complete the entire game in “Extreme” mode 80
What power! Defeat 200 Romans under the effect of the magic potion 20
4997, 4998, 4999…and 5000! Defeat 5000 Romans 30
Pumped Buy all the combos from the merchant 30
Ready for battle Get the maximum number of shields 20
Hi, Julius! Retrieve all the golden laurels 80
That was a close one… Complete all the course challenges 20
Complete all the time challenges Bravo! You have completed all the time challenges! 20
Ready for the Olympic Games Reach the Gold level in all the time and course challenges 80
One last one for the road Collect more than 99999 helmets 30
The customer is king Spend more than 50000 helmets at the merchant’s 20
Hail Caesar! Retrieve a golden laurel 20
Undisciplined and rowdy… Keep the combo gauge full for 60 seconds 30
Pride of the developers Complete all the course and time challenges 80

Secret trophies/achievements

Visual Name Description
A short trip in Armorica Complete stage 1 – Gaul 20
A cold that would make a wild boar shiver Complete stage 2 – Normandy 20
Columns and menhirs are not the same… Complete stage 3 – Greece 20
The grass is always greener Complete stage 4 – Helvetia 20
Sand as far as the eye can see Complete stage 5 – Egypt 20
These Romans are crazy Complete stage 6 – Rome 20
Soundly defeated! Complete a course challenge with more than 5 seconds to spare on the Gold level 30
An old friend Find and defeat Redbeard in each level 20
Ah, nostalgia… Switch between the REMASTER mode and the ORIGINAL mode 80
Gallic volley As Asterix, strike a Roman tossed by Obelix in midair while under the effect of a magic potion 20
Carousel Sling yourself using rubber bands 20 times in less than 30 seconds 30
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