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Amerzone: a look back at what made the 1999 original so magical!

A great classic of the adventure genre that sold more than a million copies, Amerzone is returning with an ambitious remake to mark its twenty-fifth anniversary. So, what was it that made the original game so brilliant? Let’s refresh our memories together in this article!

A stunning visual atmosphere that stood out from the rest

The first thing to grab players’ attention when they loaded up Amerzone was its visual appearance. They could explore pre-rendered 3D environments that went beyond anything possible in real-time in those days. “It went further even than Resident Evil, for example, which had fixed pre-rendered scenes,” added Lucas Lagravette, Game Director at Microids Studio Paris. “In Amerzone, it was possible to turn the camera 360 degrees and become totally immersed in the world.

This world was an amazing jungle, offering plenty of realism and yet inhabited by imaginary plants and animals. Players would often wonder if what they were seeing on their screens was real or made-up. “This was the signature of the creator Benoît Sokal,” explained Lucas Lagravette. “There was a kind of ‘austereness’ in Benoît’s fantasy world, which made the illusion all the more effective. It’s impossible to separate Amerzone from Benoît Sokal; it truly is an art game and it always had a special place in his heart.

Concept Art - Pechosaure - Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

An engrossing narrative with a deep subtext

Benoît Sokal, who sadly left us in 2021, put a great deal of work into the atmosphere in Amerzone, for instance by drawing all the sketches in Valembois’ notebook. He was also a great storyteller; the narrative in Amerzone is another thing that marked players at the time.

Players learned more about the world through a letter here, a phone call there, or an amazing cutscene. This way of conveying the story wasn’t common in 1999,” recalled Lucas Lagravette. Amerzone also carried messages to be discovered between the lines, on topics such as colonialism, dictatorship and endangered species.

For players to interact with the story, the original team opted for point-and-click gameplay: another contributing factor to the title’s massive appeal. “The game mechanics are accessible, involving no great skill or time pressure,” Lucas told us. “All you need is patience!

Puebla point & click - Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy
Exploration near Puebla in point & click

Amerzone: a timeless title, worthy of a remake

A visual environment that’s both familiar and mysterious; a rich and immersive story; and game mechanics that allow players to explore at their own pace: these are the things that made Amerzone so special.

And the game remains relevant today, whether it’s for the message that’s still topical, Benoît Sokal’s unique artistic signature, or our enduring need to escape into fantastical worlds.

The release of a remake that will enhance the original experience is a golden chance to dive back into Amerzone or discover it for the first time.


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