Add an extra touch of green to your Christmas Tree with Microids video games!

It’s almost time to celebrate, share good food and drink, wish each other the best to come and cherish our loved ones…

Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner. As you read this, you’ve got 4 days left for last-minute gifts! Why not throw in a few video games?

Looking for a world to share with your child? An adventure to explore with friends (for kids and/or grown-ups, there’s something for everyone)? Or a more mature experience, full of puzzles or mechas…?

This year, immerse yourself (or your loved ones) in the captivating world of Microids games. With a vast selection of titles to suit all your needs, Microids guarantees you a fun and unforgettable Christmas.

A family adventure...

The Sisters 2 - Road to the Fame

Marine and Wendy are back for twice the silliness and twice the fun!

Join your favourite Sisters for 2.0 challenges that are hotter than ever, and accompany them on hilarious adventures as they try to conquer the world of social networking. It’s the perfect game for guaranteed laughs.

  • Party Game-Adventure
  • 1 to 4 players
  • Available on (physical edition) Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5 - (digital version) Xbox Series|One and PC|Mac
  • PEGI 7

Dolphin Spirit - Ocean Mission

Embark on a surprising adventure on the tropical island of Maupiroa! Set sail and discover the secrets surrounding the island!

Explore the depths of the sea on fascinating missions accompanied by Keanu, the intrepid dolphin. This game offers an immersive experience of discovering marine flora and fauna, while raising awareness of environmental conservation issues.

  • Adventure-Educational
  • Solo player
  • Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|PS5 and PC
  • PEGI 3

DINO RANCH - To the rescue

The eggs of the Dino-mites have disappeared from the hatchery and the peace of the Ranch is at stake. Only YOU can help our dino-tastic trio Jon, Min and Miguel.

Embark on a dinotastic adventure and look after the cutest Jurassic companions. An edutainment game that teaches the values of friendship and how to look after others. A perfect introduction to video games for youngsters.

  • Action-Adventure
  • Solo player
  • Available on Nintendo Switch
  • PEGI 3

Noob : The factionless

Take your turn to live so many adventures in Noob’s MMORPG “Horizon” incarnating one of the 4 novice players part of the Rush guild.

The ideal game for discovering the world of MMORPGs through a narrative bursting with creativity. An excellent choice for those looking for laughs, geek humour, combat and cute animals!

  • Turn-based RPG
  • Solo player
  • Available on PC, PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox Series X
  • PEGI 7

Some cooperation for everyone...

Asterix & Obelix Slap Them All! 2

The humble country life of Asterix, Obelix and the other villagers is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Justforkix, who has come seeking help. He reveals that his father, Doublehelix, has been imprisoned for a theft he did not commit…

Calling all fans of the irreducible Gauls: immerse yourself in epic, hilarious battles against the Romans. With its breathtaking graphics, this beat’em up game offers a thrilling Gaulish adventure. The magic potion will warm you up for sure!

  • Beat’Em Up
  • 1 to 2 players
  • Available on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series|One, Nintendo Switch and PC
  • PEGI 3


Originally released on Arcade in 1987, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is the remake of the first Rail Shooter that shaped the genre. It sticks to the DNA of the original game –  a breathtaking action atmosphere inherited from 80’s action movies – while offering a brand-new design and a leaderboard.

Looking for a big dose of action and adrenaline? Stop thinking and eliminate all the enemies standing between your objective and your cannon. But don’t forget, firing at everything is good, sparing the hostages is even better.

* Playable only solo in VR

  • FPS
  • 1 to 2 players (local)
  • Available on PlayStation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series|One, PC, Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, PlayStation VR2 and Pico 4
  • PEGI 12


With your crack team and the help of the Smurfomix, liberate the village of the Smurfs from the grip of the Green Stone!

You may find yourself working with Gargamel on this mission… But remember: there’s no “bad move” as long as it allows you to save the world – or your village! An experience that’s sure to provide hours of enchanting entertainment in the company of our blue friends.

  • Adventure
  • 1 to 2 players (local)
  • Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox Series|One
  • PEGI 7


Discover or re-discover, the emblematic block breaker game in a fully modernized version! Classic elements from the franchise will definitely make a comeback, with a brand-new look, new rules, as well as new effects, bonuses and features! Including, for the very first time, a Battle Royale mode called “Eternal Battle”.

For a reinvented arcade experience. Destroy a multitude of bricks with a bouncing ball and discover challenging levels. An ideal choice for those nostalgic for arcade games. Especially if you want to take on real-life opponents to find out who’s the best brick-breaker!

  • Puzzles
  • 1 to 4 players (25 in Battle Royale mode)
  • Available on PlayStation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series|One and PC
  • PEGI 3

More mature experiences...

Syberia The World Before

Set off on an adventure across continents and through time. Play as both Kate Walker and Dana Roze as you get to the bottom of mysteries that have remained buried for too long.

For fans of adventure and mystery, the Syberia licence is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in an immersive story filled with captivating puzzles. This breathtaking story is the perfect program for long winter evenings.

* no need to have played the previous games (a video recap of the story is available in the menu)

  • Adventure
  • Solo player
  • Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series|One and PC
  • PEGI 16


Sifu is the story of a young Kung Fu student on a path of revenge, hunting for the murderers of his family. One against all, he has no allies, and countless enemies. He has to rely on his unique mastery of Kung Fu as well as a mysterious pendant to prevail and preserve his family’s legacy.

Sharpen your mind and body, explore the world of martial arts and master exceptional fighting techniques. This game offers a unique experience for fans of stylish combat looking for a challenge. But beware: your enemies, Christmas or not, won’t do you any favours.

  • Fighting game
  • Solo player
  • Available on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One|Series and Nintendo Switch
  • Pegi 16


Play as a member of the O.C.U. or U.C.S., customize your Wanzer, strategize and use your firepower and the environment to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Command powerful mechas, develop tailored strategies and engage in epic battles.

  • Tactical RPG
  • Solo player
  • Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One|Series
  • PEGI 12


All abroad the Orient Express: a thrilling adventure set in 2023 with legendary detective Hercule Poirot.

Put your brain to the test: solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and discover the truth in this thrilling investigative game. What could be more rewarding than becoming the most intimate right-hand man of the legendary detective Hercule Poirot? It’s sure to inspire future resolutions!

  • Detective-Adventure
  • Solo player
  • Available on PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series|One and Nintendo Switch
  • PEGI 7

Everyone at Microids want to thank you for this year and wish you a Merry Christmas! Take care of yourselves and enjoy some time with your loved ones!


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