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Adrian Blake is a renowned 20th century Scottish cartographer. He's both scholarly and athletic.

He's always travelling around the world. Upon his return for a faraway expedition, he finds out that his fiancée Sophia is missing. The goddess Ishtar - who he refuses to believe in - has cursed him and is putting him to the test.

If he saves the incarnation of his betrothed in three different periods of history, Adrian will get Sophia back for good.

The first adventure leads Adrian to Pompeii on 20 August 79 B.C.. This city constructed at the foot of Vesuvius will be subject to the volcano's anger just four days afterwards. Adrian must make the most of these four days to find Sophia in this city he's never been to. He must seduce her and convince her to flee with him before the disaster.

A dangerous and tricky task that will demand a lot of insight, intuition and skill! All the more so as the evil slave Octavius Quartio - Sophia's landlord - is spying on him in the shadows.


  • It's also a beautiful love story, a theme that video games often neglect! Action, humour, and suspense.
  • A breathtaking countdown: The scenario covers the four days before the deadly eruption.
  • Long play time: Over 25 hours of gaming.
  • A thrilling plot full of twists and turns: You're free to move as you want within the city.
  • The architectural and artistic reconstructions have been validated by the best international experts, and executed with the participation of the Archaeological Superintendent of Pompeii.
  • First-class technology for more beautiful graphics than ever: 3D imaging featuring 360° rotations with CIN View technology.
languages:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish