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Alice - Extended Edition

Alice - Extended Edition

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Based on Lewis Caroll's famous "Alice in Wonderland".

Alice is bored sitting next to her sister who is reading a book without pictures ... While she observes thoughtfully around her, she sees a rabbit in a frock coat, running and looking at his watch!

Intrigued, she follows the rabbit into its rabbit-hole and finds herself thrown into a wonderful world, strange and without logic, populated by whimsical characters. Help her go through this strange world and return home!

A thrilling adventure: visit unsusual places run hotfoot after Mr. Rabbit, shrink or grow to discover mysterious passages, talk to strange characters to find your way, and let yourself be carried away by the dream!

Useful help: enjoy the 2x zoom in to dive into the heart of the pictures and use the clue to better locate the search area for any chosen object. You lack clues or time? Look for for the bonus stars hidden in the paintings to win them!

Fantastic scenery: explore a dream world, meet fabulous people, observe the details in fantastic places!


  • Interactive inventory
  • Parallax
  • Dynamic and animated game play
  • Numerous places to investigate
  • Various mini-games: puzzles, matching game...
  • 2 Game modes: classic or timed
  • Help : zoom, hints, bonus stars
  • Incredible high definition graphics
  • Bonus game play
languages:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish