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Steamburg - Available on Steam !

In NEWS the 11/02/2017

Discover the astonishing Steampunk world created by Telehorse



Microïds Indie, the new publishing label of Microïds, and the studio Telehorse are thrilled to present the award-winning puzzle adventure game Steamburg, available now on Steam.


Player embodies Professor Vincent Cornelius Moore, an inventor from the city of Steamburg, who spent his life studying electricity and lightning. While robots have infested the world, Vincent realized that his invention could destroy them and save the mankind! To eradicate robots, player must choose his moves wisely… Unarmed, he can only use small electro-bombs to lure his enemies and halt their progression for a while. The only way to destroy robots, is to attract them close to Tesla coil. Player fights against several robots at the same time, and discovers that some of them have specific powers….


Thanks to its dialogs and all the hidden letters and photos player can find, he will know more about Vincent’s life, from the weapon he created in Steamburg to his missing fiancée. Music and sound effects have been created by Silver Rocket which has also developed and recorded the concept-album “Tesla” about the iconic genius – Nikola Tesla.




  • Unique, addictive gameplay
  • 32 levels set in atmospheric steampunk locations
  • Several hidden locations and dozens of narrative objects to be explored
  • Outstanding American and British voice actors including Bruce Glover (known for Diamonds Are Forever and Chinatown)
  • Original score by Silver Rocket




  • Winner of the Best Upcoming Game at IMGA in San Francisco in March 2017
  • Indie Game Cup for Best Storytelling at White Nights Conference in Helsinki 2016
  • Grand Prix nomination at White Nights Conference in Helsinki 2016
  • Contest Winner Event 2016 by



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