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In NEWS the 02/06/2015

The management game of the unusual clinic "Hospital Manager" is available on Steam (PC and Mac versions).


The "Hospital Manager" doctors are back in business on Steam in a clinic that is all but serious. Microïds Games for All is about to propose for the most desperate cases, three injections a day of "Hospital Manager" on PC and Mac version, released on the world most important games downloading platform.


You’ve been changed into a zombie? Victim of the Moonwalk virus or alien germs?  "Hospital Manager" is asking the player to raise the clinic reputation, while providing medical care to the patient affected by the most far-fetched aches.


Game mechanics


When the hospital opens, patients are showing up toward the available doctors who then guide them to the right medical appointments. The player will have to adapt himself to the clinic needs (build treatment rooms, buy new examination machines, hire specialists…) regarding the patients requirements and deases.


Every management decision generates costs (for example : a doctor has a more or less high engagement rate for various speed, money and recovery achievements). It is up to the players to find the right budget to manage efectively this wacky hospital.


Special events, such as an earthquake or the unexpected visit of the Minister complicate the aspiring hospital manager’s work. The players must react quickly and regain control of the situation to find the right balance and have the patients in high spirits and keep them from leaving without any treatment or without paying.


"Hospital Manager" is a management game available since February 6th 2015 on Steam in PC and Mac versions in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.




"Hospital Manager" (PC and Mac)


Launch price: $2.99 / Final price: $ 5.99

Weight: 100 Mo


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