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Brutus & Futée - First game on Nintendo 3DS

In NEWS the 12/25/2014

Microïds Games for All invites the players to discover "Brutus & Futée", its very first game on Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

Brutus and Futée are comics strips characters that used to be very famous for their fantastic adventures, which delights both young and old. But at the climax of their success, their creator disappeared.

With no roles to perform any longer, they moved to a quiet town but very fast they locked themselves in a boring life, spending most of their time watching dull TV programs. They miss their past life full of fun!

It is the player’s role to take over and improvise himself as scriptwriter of Brutus & Futée new adventures. For that, he can interact in different ways with the environment. He is able to activate or deactivate objects in the background and cause reactions of the characters on the screen (for example, Brutus will re turns on the TV if it is turned off), but also chain reactions of several events. The right succession of events will allow putting the perfect scene together and move on to the next one.


The player, in a second phase, can paint the background, create an object or make it disappear, according to the needs of our two heroes dealing with the different situations. During 12 chapters filled with funny and "cartoony" situations, the player can see the consequences of his actions, and especially the order in which he plays through small animated sequences with humor and filled with musics perfectly integrated into the action.

The title makes the player travel through several sets from the two heroes’ apartment to an Inca temple full of dangers, through the mazes of a recording studio. The danger as well as the laughter is waiting for the two friends at every corner.


"Brutus & Futée" is an observation and puzzle game published by Microïds Games for All and developed by Artefacts Studio in French, English and German. It is available on Nintendo 3DS handheld console (2DS, 3DS XL and all compatible machines) European e-shop


"BRUTUS & FUTEE " (Nintendo 3DS)
Price : 6,99 €
Weight : 90 Mo

Link :

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