Video games producer and publisher MICROÏDS is one of the world leaders in the adventure games segment (with international bestsellers such as Still Life, Syberia, Dracula and Amerzone). Its extensive and varied games catalog has won over every section of the public, from toddlers to hardened gamers, and from collectors of cultural games to adventure fans. Microïds' publishing line today is focused on mainstream games, where the core objectives will continue to be gaming and entertainment, fiction and fantasy worlds. Some of its titles will also touch on the learning sector (history, science, heritage, current affairs, and much more).


Microïds was founded in 1984 by Elliot Grassiano. For the first 10 years, Microïds was a development house, but in 1995 they expanded into publishing and distribution as well. Both publisher and development studio, Microids distributed the Broderbund products in France, including "Prince of Persia".

Microïds is known for the development of games such as "Corsairs", "Rising Lands", "Syberia" and "Syberia 2" or "Nicky Boom" series on the Commodore Amiga.

In 2003, Emmanuel Olivier created a new company called MC2 France which subsequently merged with Microïds. In September 2003 MC2-Microïds acquired Wanadoo Edition as part of a deal with the French government for Microïds to emerge from bankruptcy protection. As part of the deal, Wanadoo also became a 12% shareholder of Microïds.

On 20 October 2008 Microïds acquired the brands and intellectual property of Cryo Interactive ("Versailles", "Egypt", "Atlantis"). Microïds is also publishing games of Kheops Studio.

On 23 November 2009 Anuman Interactive announced that they were acquiring the mark of and all the associated licences of Microïds. The Microïds deal between Anuman and MC2 was completed on 1 January 2010.

On 8 April 2010 Microïds announced their strategy for 2010; this includes the PC development of "Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon" and "Syberia 3" and the adaptation of many of Microïds game licences into episodic games for Apple's iPad and iPhone. In 2011 a new logo was unveiled for the company in addition to the new secondary brand of "Microïds Games For All" that is centred around the company's non-adventure games.

On 26 November 2012 it was announced that Elliot Grassiano, the original founder of Microïds, will oversee new game development as Vice President of the Microïds unit.

On 19 August 2013 it was announced that Anuman had purchased the licence to develop and publish games based upon the works of Agatha Christie; these will be released on the Microïds label.


The Microïds team is driven by its ambition to create a wide range of titles and invent new concepts promoting personal development, putting players in the driving seat and encouraging dialog and communication between friends, family, students and enthusiasts.

Microïds' games are dedicated to inquisitive and demanding players fascinated by the gaming world who want to have their say, share, comment, have fun, be surprised, discover and be won over. Its titles encourage the creative uptake of gaming by helping players to express their sensitivity, flex their gray matter and take control of their own projects. With the advent of Web 2.0, sharing and collaborative projects, everyone now can become an all-in-one gamer, designer and entrepreneur!

Microïds also applies its innovative vision to production. The key focus here is to produce games in line with an ever more collaborative and inventive model, bring together the best talents and share their knowledge, and create the much sought-after added value.

Inventing a video game goes beyond mere entertainment; the primary issue is to strengthen social ties, and develop intelligence and the collective imagination. Let's all join the gaming community!