Contest - Win "9 Elefants" PC videogames

Q1 - How many districts includes the city of Paris today?

Q2 - What was the name of the city before becoming Paris?

Q3 - What is the name of the heroine of 9 Elefants?

Q4 - If a bacterium contained in the Seine multiplies itself once a day, how many bacteria will it generates after 5 days in total?

Subsidiary question : According to you, how many people will participate to this contest?



Great contest from 05/05/2014 to 05/06/2014. The 10 winners will be selected among the best answers. Answer four multiple-choice questions and try to win videogames "9 Elefants" on PC for free. Find more information about the game "9 Elefants" by clicking here.





from 05/04/2014 to 06/05/2014


1rst to 10th : 10 PC videogames "9 Elefants" (of a value of 9,99€ the videogame)